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Beyond Boundaries: TTI's Role in NASA's Systems Engineering

Updated: May 2

By: Nat Landin, Business Operations Specialist

Outer space

In space exploration, precision and meticulous planning are vital for mission success. Transpacific Technologies Inc. (TTI) was built from “the aspiration to play a significant role in the aerospace industry and contribute to humanity's quest for exploration beyond Earth's boundaries” states Berj Garibekian, President, and Founder of TTI.


We support a wide variety of engineering needs; including Systems Engineering solutions that support NASA's exploration missions. Our partnership with fellow collaborators in supporting all aspects of the V-cycle, TTI successfully supports NASA's mission goals.

At TTI, it is critical that we continue to help push this work further. "Being passionate about the services we provide," stated Talin Garibekian, CEO, "and how our experience can provide valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making" are integral to our mission. TTI provides the highest quality of work to every endeavor.

Our System Engineers involvement ranges from supporting NASA's space infrastructure and improving astronaut welfare in space to identifying critical deficiencies and hazards within V&V products. Our strategy encompasses refining procedures, aiding clients, and embedding specifications into the NASA DOORS Next Generation database for enhanced coherence.

Our Systems Engineers also lead communications regarding a variety of spaceflight applications and subsystems, ensuring that all processes are meeting NASAs standards and requirements. NASA's invitation acknowledges TTI's distinctive Systems Engineering proficiency and flexibility throughout the V-cycle stages.

The partnership between TTI and NASA highlights the importance of small business collaboration in space exploration. Leveraging our expertise, TTI participates in progressing NASA’s mission, emphasizing precise V-cycle processes for mission safety and success.

As TTI continues to lead in Systems Engineering, we contribute to shaping the future of space exploration, setting new standards for precision and excellence.


Transpacific Technologies is a Woman Owned small business, located in Pasadena California. CEO: Talin Garibekian,


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