Firmware Development

Transpacific Technology’s firmware developers employ the latest tools and development platforms for use in:

  • FPGA/ASIC Design
  • Implementation of IP Cores and algorithms in HDL
  • Optimization of HDL
  • Development of HDL test benches and framework
  • Validation, review, and test of HDL code
  • Support of in-lab debugging of algorithms and code
  • Reliability calculations and implementation in HDL

Analog Circuit Design

Transpacific engineering team provides analog circuit design services:

  • Develop analog circuit designs and schematics
  • Debug analog circuits
  • Evaluate noise in existing board designs
  • Create/Maintain schematics and layouts
  • Provide Bode plots, tolerance stack-ups and noise analysis for circuit designs
  • Test and verify key performance metrics in the lab
  • Create/Maintain schematics and layouts for flex and/or rigid-flex circuits boards
  • Manage/oversee fabrication and assembly of PCBAs
Digital Circuit Design

Transpacific engineers provide digital engineering services:

  • Design circuits and systems that create, capture, process digital data
  • Design and verification of digital systems, assemblies, and subassemblies
  • Generate functional and design specifications, define interfaces
  • Design implementation
  • Develop design simulations
  • Debug and verify functional requirements
  • Prototyping capabilities, circuit and PCB fabrication

Electronic Technician Support

Our team of electronic technicians support engineering and development in a variety of ways:

  • Prototyping capabilities, circuit and PCB fabrication
  • Electronic assembly, hand soldering, connector pin crimping, cabling, chassis wiring, microelectronic assembly, mechanical assembly, and chassis wiring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Drafting support of schematics and mechanical drawings using CAD software

RF Engineering/Calibration

Our engineering team possess RF engineering capabilities to provide the following types of services:

  • RF electronics design
  • RF Calibration
  • Analyze, test, and characterize receivers and related RF equipment (e.g. downconverters)
  • Work with RF calibration technicians and engineering to determine root cause for inconsistencies in calibration measurements
  • Development of preventive maintenance plans for RF waveguide


  • Prototyping mechanical/electrical assemblies and PCB work
  • Testing and validation of electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Documentation and execution of test cases based on product requirements